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Light Towers for Oil & Natural Gas, Mining, Roadwork,
Construction, Emergency, Surveillance.

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Our light towers and other products are used by major construction companies, government departments, airports, stadiums, movie and TV filming companies.

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Our products are used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Desert Tough, robust towers, engineered for high performance in stressful environments.

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lunar lighting key features

Key Features

Large area, high performance light towers for Construction, Roadworks, Industrial, Mining, Events, Sports Stadiums and Film / Movie / TV, as well as Emergency and Police.

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Lunar Lighting Products

Light Towers at BMX Sporting Event

Light Towers at BMX Sporting Event – Click to see expanded panoramic view

Welcome to Lunar Lighting Solutions

Lunar Lighting Solutions has developed products to suit projects in oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, construction, mining, roadworks, industry, events, sports stadiums and Film / Movie / TV. Our lights range from the personal, portable lighting systems (Lunar BakPak) for maintenance and night call outs … to the super-powerful, glare free, 12,000W Lunar Light Tower. This tower replaces at least 6 conventional lighting towers, yet uses less fuel. Some Lunar lights can be packed in a car boot, but still illuminate up to 3,000 square yards. Save on transport, set up and fuel costs.

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About Lunar Lighting Solutions

Lunar Lighting Solutions is an innovative, rapidly expanding company at the forefront of revolutionary, next generation lighting technology. Our light towers replace six other conventional towers with glare free, omnidirectional bright light.
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Lunar Lighting is seeking Expressions of Interest from ISO accredited companies around the globe to manufacture under License and / or distribute our Lunar Lights. In addition, responders will be required to have established distribution channels to the relevant industries which may have been gained via existing manufacture of complementary industrial equipment. Our products are proven in the field, and have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers after exhaustive testing by the US Department of Defense.

Go to our lighting technology licensing page for more information.

58,900 sq. yards of glare free light from a single tower – Lunar Lights use a patented technology to replace the limited power of halogen lights.  Read More →
George Ossolinski, of Lunar Lighting Solutions, was invited to receive an “innovation and export” award in Washington, recognizing the remarkable breakthrough in lighting efficiency that has led to big productivity leaps in mining and road construction. Read More →
From our press release of June 10, 2014:
A leading global large area lighting company today announced that it’s leading edge products are now available for resource extraction projects in Canada. Lunar Lighting Canada has developed large area lighting systems which are specifically designed for oil, natural gas and other fossil fuel energy extraction, in remote and harsh environments such as Alberta, Northern BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territory, and indeed, throughout Canada.

Inventor and CEO George Ossolinski said “we are excited to be entering the Canadian resource extraction industry. Our lights are widely used in the Australian and USA mining and drilling industries, and we believe that given the tough conditions extant in Canada that the lights’ power, lack of glare, energy efficiency and durability will make them first choice for resource companies here.”

Built Desert Tough, Tundra Tough

Originally designed to meet the extremes of the Australian desert, with its daytime heat, nighttime cold, sand and dust, all days remote from civilization, Lunar Lights have been adapted for Canadian tundra conditions and are now available throughout Canada. For more information go to our Canadian Lighting page.

The 2014 Subaru BMX National Championships in Australia were a great success, with 3000 entrants of all ages displaying their skills. Organizers wanted the best possible light quality, so chose to use the powerful 12kW HMI Lunar Lighting® light towers to provide glare free, daylight quality for the night time events. Click on the picture below for a panoramic view, or watch the video of the action, also below.
Light Towers at BMX Sporting Event

Light Towers at BMX Sporting Event

Lunar Lighting – Images and Videos of Products and Applications

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